Domination- The Dom part of FinDom stands for domination. Domination means to exercise control or influence over. Understand this definition and you will be well on your way to understanding what I do.

Humiliation- FinDom, and domination in general, operates on the premise of a strong power differential. Humiliation helps you to understand that so you can find your rightful place at the bottom of the totem pole. It keeps your dumb male ego in check. It reminds you of your place.  

Conditioning- Chances are that you have absorbed too many of the wrong messages about submission through the years. Conditioning helps to rectify that and build you into something useful and amusing.

Money- No, it is not “all about the money” as some would like to believe. If it were, any jerk could pay for attention. But, it is about service and one of the primary ways a male can serve me (though not the only way) is through tributes. It is also about me having fun controlling, dominating, and humiliating you!